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Ripple Scarf

Dear Subscriber,

Self-ruffling yarns are back in stock offering more unique results and more color choices. Knitting with any of these three yarns is easy but a bit unusual so we offer how-to tips, step-by-step photos, and free scarf patterns to help you. Quick-to-knit and so much fun, you may want to make more than one ruffle scarf.


A ribbon yarn, Knitting Fever's Ripple has a row of open boxes along its top edge for your needle. To knit with Ripple you insert your needle into an open box, either in successive boxes or skipping boxes. Your spacing will determine the tightness of your ruffles. The scarf (left) is a free pattern you'll find printed on the yarn's label. One skein knits a narrow scarf 46″ long that will wrap your neck in a frilly ruff.

Click here to Shop Ripple. Several colors are shown.

Ripple 102 Ripple 107 Ripple 109 Ripple 110


Knitting Fever's Flounce was so popular with customers last year that keeping it in stock was a feat. It was our first self-ruffling yarn and we succumbed to its magic as readily as our customers. Still magical, this wide, loosely woven tape is available in all new multi-colors. For those of you who have not knit with Flounce, you simply spread out the tape, poke your needle through its mesh and pull the yarn through the loop on your needle. On the inside of the label are pictures showing you these steps. Without effort on your part your stitches will turn into row after row of fluttering ruffles. Two balls will make the neck scarf (free pattern comes with yarn) shown to the right.

Click here to Shop Flounce. Several colors are shown.

Flounce Scarf
Flounce 16 Flounce 21 Flounce 18 Flounce 19
Ondas Scarf


Katia's Ondas is strikingly similar to their Tul, a ruffling yarn that was a hit this spring before quickly becoming unavailable. We still recall the customer who ordered multiple balls of Tul so she could knit scarves for a wedding party. The neutral and pastel colors we saw in Tul repeat but Ondas' jewel colors are new. You'll find that Ondas knits up the same way as Flounce. Ondas' solid colors create elegant masses of cascading ruffles as in this scarf that used two balls (free pattern comes with yarn) shown left.

Click here to Shop Ondas. Several colors are shown.

Ondas Pearl Ondas Pink Ondas Raspberry Ondas Purple
Noro Mardi Gras Collection

It seems appropriate with all this vibrant color and unusual self-ruffling yarns that we include Noro's Mardi Gras Collection that arrived this week. Designer Jenny Watson expertly creates garments and accessories that take full advantage of Noro's uniquely colorful and patterned yarns. She keeps embellishments simple, uses textured stitches and cables that play up color shifts, and knows that plain stitches won't ever look boring in one of Noro's yarns. Jenny chose Noro's mostly cotton-based yarns. She knits them up into styles perfect for women to wear in warm weather, like the cardigan in Shirakaba shown left and those shown below. She's also included summery-colored items for the home.

Click here to Shop the Mardi Gras Collection. Click on each image for their details and to Shop.

Design 8 from Noro Mardi Gras
Design 9 from Noro Mardi Gras Design 12 from Noro Mardi Gras Design 16 from Noro Mardi Gras Design 11 from Noro Mardi Gras
Design 9
Design 12
Design 16
Design 11
Taiyo Sock
Another of Guest Blogger Becky's Favorites...Wool Yarn

Becky must have foreseen this past week's arrival of Rowan Magazine 50 (for those of you who pre-ordered Magazine 50 it's on its way to you). In her latest blog post, Becky picks her favorite wool yarn and tells us why. We're giving part of the surprise away by mentioning Becky and Rowan Magazine 50 together, but we haven't told you which one of Rowan's wool yarns is her favorite. By the way, Rowan's 50th issue is already proving to be a sell-out and keeping it in stock is a challenge.

Becky once again gives us a question to ask members of our Colorful Stitches Ravelry Group - what is your favorite wool yarn? Click here to share your favorite or favorites since even we are having trouble coming up with just one.

Click here to read Becky's latest Blog Post.

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